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Ergon GE1 Evo Bike Handlebar Grips - Yellow Mellow, Lock-On

Ergon GE1 Evo Bike Handlebar Grips - Yellow Mellow, Lock-On

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The GE1 has evolved! This new rider-centric, ergonomic grip is just the thing for wide riser bars. The Ergon design team have outdone themselves, taking on board the valuable advice of the EWS' finest riders and making the GE1 even better!

Surface texture is now even more slip-proof and the rubber compound softer, lending constant precise grip. It actively supports the correct torso/forearm position during downhill riding – by rotating the grip area towards the steering axle by 8 % the elbows are automatically outwardly raised. Forged inner clamp, fully integrated grip end connected to the inner core– this establishes a soft, damping grip edge, and your hand can grip right at the outer edge. Pressure is diminished from the sensitive ulnar nerve, which is located on the outside hand. Compatible with carbon handlebars.


  • Maximum hand grip is assured with use of silicone-based rubber compounds
  • Texture orientation which is opposite the rotation of the hand
  • Damping inner core construction


  • Color: Yellow Mellow
  • Shape: Round
  • Length: 135 mm
  • Lock On: Yes
  • Grip Shift Specific: No
  • Defined Color: Yellow
  • Weight: 105 g
  • Flange: No


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