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CygoLite Dice TL 50 Water Resistant Rechargeable Bike Taillight

Dice TL 50 Water Resistant Rechargeable Bike Taillight

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The new Dice taillight is engineered to stand out day and night, delivering powerful and extra wide flashes. Engineered for road cyclists and commuters, it's extra wide beam maximizes riders presence from afar while its low-profile flexible mount keeps secure on the seat post, including aero shapes. It even senses day and night, automatically switching to the optimal flashing tempo.


  • Features Enhanced Cycling Optics that cast an extra wide and long range beam compared to conventional lighting optics
  • Low battery indicator and light memory mode saves the mode the rider is using when the light is turned off
  • Water-resistant design for all riding conditions
  • Eight lighting modes for use on mountains, roads, and commuting


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