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Slime 20" Schrader Valve Bike Tube 33mm - 20" x 1.5 - 2.125"

Slime 20" Schrader Valve Bike Tube 33mm - 20" x 1.5 - 2.125"

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The SLIME Self-Sealing Smart Tube, the ultimate solution to flat bicycle tires. These tubes are far from ordinary, offering unparalleled durability and long-lasting performance. Designed with cutting-edge technology, they come pre-filled with Slime tube sealant, ensuring a hassle-free riding experience.

With the SLIME Self-Sealing Smart Tube, you can say goodbye to frustrating punctures and time-consuming repairs. The inner tubes are fortified with Slime, a revolutionary sealant that instantly seals punctures and keeps your tires inflated for up to 2 years. This means you can enjoy worry-free rides without the fear of sudden deflation or having to carry extra tools for on-the-go fixes.

The SLIME Self-Sealing Smart Tube boasts impressive features that set it apart from traditional inner tubes. It is guaranteed to seal holes up to 1/8'' in diameter, providing exceptional protection against common road debris. Whether it's thorns, glass shards, or small nails, the Slime tube sealant acts as your tire's personal bodyguard, keeping you rolling smoothly.

Crafted for durability, the SLIME Self-Sealing Smart Tube is built to last. With a length of 33 mm and a width range of 1.5-2.125'', these tubes are designed to fit 20'' x 1.5-2.125'' tires, making them ideal for a variety of bicycles. The Schrader valve ensures easy inflation and compatibility with a wide range of pumps.

Weighing just 280 grams, these lightweight tubes won't weigh you down during your rides. The SLIME Self-Sealing Smart Tube offers the perfect balance between performance and convenience, ensuring you can tackle any terrain with confidence.

Choose the SLIME Self-Sealing Smart Tube and enjoy a worry-free cycling experience. Say goodbye to flat tires and hello to uninterrupted rides with these innovative and reliable inner tubes.


  • Pre-filled with Slime tube sealant
  • Guaranteed for 1 year to seal holes up to 1/8''



  • Grams: 280
  • Length33 mm
  • Quantity1
  • Size20'' x 1.5-2.125''
  • Valve (Tubes): Schrader Valve
  • Wheel Size20'' / 406
  • Width1.5-2.125''


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