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CatEye Tight Kinetic Bike Taillight

Tight Kinetic Bike Taillight

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CatEye Tight Kinetic Taillight features a built-in acceleration sensor for Kinetic mode Which automatically turns on Hi for 2.5 sec when bike deceleration is detected.


  • Waterproof IPX-7: Operates even after 30 minutes of submersion in a depth of 1 meter
  • 5 Led with 360 degree visibility
  • 3 modes (rapid, flashing and constant)
  • Turns on in previous mode by Mode memory

Runtimeļ¼šConstant modeļ¼š 70 hrs
Flashing modeļ¼š160 hrs
Rapid modeļ¼š140 hrs

* The stated runtime of each mode excludes the Kinetic function.
When the Kinetic function is enabled 60 times / hour, the runtime will be approx. 55 hours in Constant mode, approx. 65 hours in Flashing mode and approx. 60 hours in Rapid mode.

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