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Giant 29" Presta Valve Bike Tube 48mm - 29" x 1.9-2.3"

Giant 29" Presta Valve Bike Tube 48mm - 29" x 1.9-2.3"

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The Giant Standard Presta Valve Tubes are expertly designed replacement tubes specifically crafted for 29" mountain bikes. Made from high-quality rubber, these inner tubes ensure durability and reliability, allowing you to continue your cycling adventures without worry.

With a thickness of 0.9mm, these tubes strike the perfect balance between strength and weight, providing optimal performance on various terrains. The 32mm threaded valve adds convenience, making inflation and deflation effortless.

One notable feature of these tubes is their removable cores, which simplify the process of adding tire sealant. This feature allows for easy maintenance and enhances the overall performance of your tires.

The Giant Standard Presta Valve Tubes are tailored for 29-inch tires with a width ranging from 1.9 to 2.3 inches, making them suitable for both mountain biking and city rides. The 48mm threaded valve length ensures compatibility with a wide range of rim depths.

Whether you're exploring rugged trails or cruising through city streets, these tubes provide the reliability and convenience you need for an enjoyable and worry-free cycling experience. Upgrade your bike with the Giant Standard Presta Valve Tubes and experience enhanced performance and durability.


  • Tire Diameter: 29 Inch
  • Tire Width: 1.9-2.3" Bike Tires
  • Valve Length: 48mm threaded
  • Best Use: Mountain Bikes, City
  • Features: Removable Core


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