Team Member (In Store Sales)

Come join the good fight against a boring life

Position - Store Team Member

Function - In store retail sales

What's great about this job

  • We get to serve people (always a noble profession 👍)
  • We get to inspire passion for riding so our Guests enjoy more freedom, fitness and fun 🎉
  • It's hard work (which builds character and a strong work ethic 💪)
  • It's fun (how can you not have fun being around bikes and people all day 😃)

What the job entails

  • Engaging with a diverse group of Guests who ride at all skill levels
  • Becoming a trusted advisor to our Guests so they want to continue doing business and refer their family & friends.
  • Becoming an expert on all the features and benefits of all our product 
  • Becoming an expert at our GEAR sales process for selling all of our Bikes, Accessories, Clothing, Parts, Maintenance and Services.
  • Continual merchandising and cleaning for our stores to keep them visually appealing. 
  • Service writing bicycles for maintenance and repairs
  • Becoming proficient at using all our software  (point of sale, website and Guest Relationship)
  • Using our core values to continually improve our Guest experiences: service, integrity, teamwork, improvement and fun.

What results to expect

  • Raving Fans - when you do it right you will get great feedback from our Guests. They will Rave about the level of service they receive from you
  • Sales - when you do it right your sales will far exceed of your sales goal of $200 per hour
  • Personal Pay - better performance equals better pay. 
  • Referrals - when you do it right you get lot's of referrals from the Raving Fans you created

What you get

  • Base Pay - $14 per hour
  • Incentive Pay 
    • Sales over $200/hour earn 5% on parts, accessories, clothes and labor. 
  • Team Bonus - each store has monthly sales goals. When the store hits their monthly goals each team member of the store earns an extra bonus. 
  • Paid Time Off - each year you get 5 days of earned sick leave along with extra vacation days (up to 10 days total)
  • Purchase Discounts - be able to purchase your cycling product at great discounts. 
  • Health Insurance - 50% paid by Bicycle warehouse
  • ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) - basically it's a profit sharing program that allows the company to share a percentage of the profits with the vested team members.
(note - additional qualifying details exist for all of the above items)

What else do you need

  • Cycling passion and experience  - you have to ride a bike regularly and be totally passionate about it. 
  • Selling experience - 2 years of selling and retail experience (or equivalent), something that translates easily to selling bikes, gear and service.
  • The ability to lift bicycles onto display racks above your head
  • The ability to stand on your feet for 8 hours a day on concrete floors
  • The ability to work a flexible schedule including weekends and evenings until 7:30pm
  • The ability to have fun and inspire others to ride their bike

What's next?

  • If you are just looking for a job, please do not apply. Sorry to be so blunt but it will save us both a bunch of time and effort if we part ways now versus learning it won't work out shortly down the road.
  • If you are looking for career oriented employment and it all sounds like a great fit for you, then we are excited to have you apply by answering the questions below 😀 🚴 ✅