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Join our teamNow you get to learn a bit about us:

Step 1: Learn About our Mission

  • OUR VISIONTo empower people Worldwide to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle from environmentally sound activities.
  • OUR MISSION - "To inspire you to ride so you enjoy more fitness, freedom and fun in your life".


  • BELIEF - We exist to serve our Guests
  • INTEGRITY - We strive for a climate of trust as a result of honest business practices in all our relationships.
  • EXCELLENCE - We are committed to continually getting better at all that we do.
  • TEAMWORK - We are interdependent and recognize that we are stronger because of it.
  • WORKPLACE - We have fun and deliver fun.

Step 2: Learn About our Process

  • "Guest" is what we call the people we serve and we always treat them as though they are a guest in our home
  • "GEAR" is the process we use to deliver our mission and commitments
    • "G" stands for GET INVOLVED, making a connection with our Guest.
      • Create a welcoming environment, smile and greet everyone
      • Never say no to a Guest or ask "yes or no" questions
      • Approach them when they show interest in something 
    • "E" stands for EDIT, connecting our product to our Guest
      • Build credibility and rapport by asking great opne ended questions
      • Listen twice as much as you speak
      • Forecast by telling our Guest what you are doing
      • Move away from items our Guest doesn't want and get agreement on the right product
    • "A" stands for APPEAL, connecting our Guest to the product
      • Create the feeling of ownership
      • FBI - give features, benefits and imagery
      • Try it on for size
      • Process concerns
      • Get agreement
    • "R" stands for RELATIONSHIP, connecting our Guest to us
      • Prepare for the adventure
      • What else is needed - apparel, accessories, service
      • Ring up sale with Guest info
      • Thank them for their business
      • Help load

Step 3: Get acquainted with our compensation

We recognize our team members are the most valuable part of our business. Our goal is to offer the best compensation in our industry so we attract the most talented people. In order to do this we need team members who are high performing contributors to growing our business and serving our Guests.

Here is what we offer:

  • Base pay - a base amount to provide a cushion as you become a high peforming team member. Sales team members start @ a base pay of $10.00 per hour, plus all of the following:
  • Incentive pay - as your performance goes up so does your incentive pay. You can earn up to 2% of all bike sales and up to 8% on all parts, accesories, clothing and labor sales, plus all of the following:
  • Bonus - we offer monthly store and team member bonus' based on goals. We also offer year end bonus' based on profitability of the company. Sales team members get up to $250 if their stores hits it's sales goal, plus all of the following:
  • Team Leader Bonus - we offer extra bonus as a percentage of sales. Team Leaders get up to an extra 1/2 of their stores total sales, plus all of the following:
  • Spiffs 
    • monthly dinner outings for stores that hit their goals
    • lunch gift cards for Raving Fan posts
    • trophies for excellent performance
    • extra incentive pay for highlighted product (sales contests)
    • product spiffs from vendors
    • plus all of the following:
  • Paid Time Off - up to 18 days per year, plus all of the following:
  • Product - purchase discounts and free product spiffs, plus all of the following:
  • Training - on-site and off site in sales, business management, personal development and alike, plus all of the following:
  • Commuting - we pay $.25 per mile to ride your bike to work, plus all of the following:
  • Insurance - we offer health insurance through Health Net which is 50% paid by the company, plus all of the following:
  • Gear - we provide company work shirts, plus all of the following:
  • Referral bonus - we pay you to refer other excellent team members. We pay up to $300 for each person who passes their 90 day training period, plus all of the following:
  • ESOP - we fund an "Employee Stock Option Plan" for team members (this is also used as a retirement fund). The amount depends on the profitability of the company, plus the following:
  • Promotion - we continually groom team members for promotions to grow and prosper within the company

If joining our company as a new team member still sounds exciting, click the link in the questionnaire we sent you in the last email.

Cheers from the whole team here at Bicycle Warehouse!

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