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Hello and welcome to our HQ, the hub of the company. All communications and inventory flows through here and supports our stores, local, national and even international Guests. 

Meet the Team

Bicylce Warehouse, Mike and Debbe

Mike & Debbe - Founder & Owners (keeping the pedal to the metal on our mission) 

Mike's Favorite Bike: Giant Anthem Advanced & Giant TCR Advanced

Mike's Favorite Ride: Noble Canyon up & down. No shuttle weenie stuff. You have to pay to play.

Why Mike Rides: I ride because it clears my mind, relieves stress, challenges me and is just plain fun

Debbe's Favorite Bike: I love my momentum

Debbe's Favorite Ride: My favorite place to ride is Coronado I love taking the ferry from downtown the sea air smells good. I cruise the neighborhood looking at everyone’s garden then I hit my favorite little stores I have my bag on the back for my treasures

Why Debbe Rides: I ride because it’s relaxing I see things differently vs driving it feels good and I enjoy my time alone getting peace and quiet


Ulyssis - Leader of all the teams (aka:GM) - the guy who makes sure Sh#$ gets done

Favorite Bike: Giant TCR ADV SL & Giant Trance SX

Favorite Road Ride: Start Downtown, up and over Torrey Pines, into Solana beach and back.

Favorite Mountain Ride: Florida Canyon/ Balboa Park urban night ride.

Why I Ride: I ride because it adds life to my days and it helps me inspire others to do the same.

Bicycle Warehouse team member Kathleen

Kathleen - Guest Experience Extraordinaire

Favorite Bike: Coming soon!

Favorite Ride: Coming soon!

Why I Ride: Coming soon!


Rosie - the Money Lady (making sure every penny gets counted and every bill gets paid)

Favorite Bike: I just got a new beautiful GIANT THRIVE womans road bike

Favorite Ride: Mostly along the coast

Why I Ride: For the FREEDOM, Fun and fitness.


Ryder - our resident digital guru & tech guy

Favorite Bike: Anything with two wheels

Favorite Ride: Leelanau Trail

Why I Ride: To get outside, breathe fresh air and experience nature

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