As bike prices climb so does the anxiety of spending your hard earned money on it 🚴 We get it. That's why we just launched our "Personalized Demo" program. It let's you try out our most expensive full suspension mountain bikes before you decide to buy one.

We spent a ton of money on the best of breed for Giant and Santa Cruz full suspension bikes. Here's a quick look at what we started the program with:

1. Some Santa Cruz Bronson's 2.1 CC XO1 (one of my fav's)

2. Santa Cruz Hightower 1 CC XO1 (this one is everyone else's fav pick)

3. Giant Trance Advanced 1 2017 (the best trail bike for the money)

4. Giant Anthem SX 2 2017 (this one blurs the line making an xc bike totally trail worthy, even a bit enduro like)

5. Giant Full "E" (full suspension electric assist eBike)

All of these bikes are available to reserve for a personalized demo ride. Normally bikes like these rent for $100 a day or more. We are offering them for free so you can get a "real" feel for them before you decide to get one.

Talk to your favorite Bicycle Warehouse team member and they can set you up with a time slot that fits into your schedule or email .

We'll prep the bike and set it up for your spec's. Then we'll take you on an off road ride nearby to try it out. It's more like going on a ride with your buddy. It's a ton of fun. You get to talk bike stuff the whole time (if you want) and enjoy the ride. Maybe even grab a burrito and beer afterwards. Guaranteed good times had by all.🍻

If you fall in love with the bike we've got one you can take home with you. If you don't then it's off to try a different model. Until you find the one that's "just right". This should help deal with the high anxiety of buying something expensive 😃

We look forward to going on a ride with you


Mike S.
Bicycle Warehouse



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