3 Tips on How to Carry your Mountain Bike

3 Tips on How to Carry your Mountain Bike

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Use these tips if you have to carry your Mountain Bike through Streams, over Rocks and Roots or through the mud

There will be times that you'll need to carry your bike when riding here are a few tips on the proper way to protect your bike and bike.

Tip #1: Use Non Drive Side

Carry the bike from the non-drive side is best so you avoid contact with the chain and chainrings.

A traditional diamond frame designed bike allow you to slide your right arm through the main triangle and rest the top tube on your shoulder.

Tip #2: Hold Stem

Hold the stem or handlebar with your right hand. This will stop the bars from hitting you in the face.

You can extend your left arm to act as a counter balance, or hold the down tube. 

With the invention of full suspension bikes the frame designs have become somewhat more complicated and heavier to carry. Reach over the top tube, rest the nose of the saddle on your shoulder steady the front fork with your right hand, carry the bike by the down tube as low on the frame as you can reach.

Tip #3: Protect Yourself

Protect your back by using your legs not your back and neck when picking up your bike. 

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