Tips For Looking Ahead While Mountain Biking

Looking ahead while riding:

The most important aspect of riding is looking ahead. Being able to look ahead, being able to notice what's important, is a vital element of bicycle riding no matter if you're riding on the road, trails or parks you always want look ahead.

Whether safety or speed appeals most to you, you will have to work on your looking skills. 

1. Trust your eyes!
2. Look where you want to go and your bike will follow
3. Don't look down at your front wheel, look 5-10 bike lengths ahead
4. Scan the terrain in front of you to enable you to make the proper adjustments
5. Look where you want to go and not at the rock or obstacle that you want to avoid
6. If you go off the trail, look at the trail to get back on it and not where the bike is taking you.

It's Your World, Ride it!

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