6 tips to stay safe biking at night

6 Tips To Stay Safe Bicycling at Night

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Stay Alert and Bright While Bike Riding on the Road or Dirt

Without the proper bicycle accessories and bike gear, night riding is as terrifying as it is dangerous. Even with the right gear, night riding is scary until you get used to it. But there are steps to take to ease into night riding, do it safely, so you can stay on your bike after hours no matter if you're road riding our mountain biking.

Tip #1 Bike Lights = Protection

A good set of bicycle lights add even more protection. A white front bike light enables you to not only better see hazards such a potholes and glass more clearly but will also make you more visible to people in cars turning in front of you or opening their car doors. Both bicycle helmet lights and handlebar lights are recommended



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Tip #2: Rear Lights 

A bright red rear flashing bike light will alert drivers behind you. Use a bright flashing red bicycle light plus add a rear mirror if you are bike riding on the road this will allow you to see cars behind you.

Tip #3: Reflective Gear

Reflective ankle straps and bike pedals reflectors are additional options to increase your visibility to others.

Tip #4: Stay Flashy

We highly recommend Bright Road or Mountain Bike clothing. High visibility Jackets and vests are a great investment for your protection. Stay visible, stay safe! 

It's the law to have a front and rear light when bike riding at night. The more visible you are to drivers the better chances you have that they will  move around you. Use flashing front and rear bike lights even during the day get their attention so you can ride safely.


When entering the roadway, yield to other road users. Make eye contact with them to ensure they see you before you join traffic. 

Tip #5: Other Techniques

  • Reflective Stickers
  • Use Bicycle Helmets that have built in light holders
  • Use Bike Lights on your wheels

Tip #6: DING DING, Bike Bells 

Using a Bike Bell during the day and night allows you to alert or warn other bike riders or drivers that you are near them. Get their attention by ringing your bell or even calling out to them (on your Left or Right) this let's the person know which direction you are going past them. Using a bell at night is especially important to keep drivers aware of your presence.

As a general rule, the less prepared you are for night riding, the slower you should ride your bike. If it's really dark, you may even have to walk your bike to a better lit place to avoid crashing or worse.

Have you ever thought about riding your mountain bike at night? 

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