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New Bike Day, January 10th 2023!

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Cody, Heather, and kids bought these bikes as a 10th Anniversary present for their entire family! Wow! Riding bikes together is a wonderful way to have daily enjoyment and build a lifetime of cherished memories. It is obvious that they all agree this was a perfect anniversary choice, just look at those Giant smiles!

Antonia is ready to roll and take on Lake Hodges for her first trail ride on the Liv Tempt 1.

Antonia is ready to roll and take on Lake Hodges for her first trail ride on the Liv Tempt 1. Her boyfriend Jason and our Temecula Team Member Zach worked extra hard for that smile!

Debrah and and her Aventon Level Electric Bike

Congrats to Deborah on getting rolling on a fresh Aventon Level e-bike to commute to work on and do some exploring in her free time. Much thanks to her son Ryan for gifting it to her.

Zannely's first mountain bike, a Giant Talon 4

Congrats to Zannely on getting rolling on her first mountain bike -- a Giant Talon 4. We will cheer her on over here at Bicycle Warehouse Temecula!

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Buying a new bicycle can be an exciting experience. It can represent a new form of freedom and mobility, allowing you to explore your surroundings in a way that is both fun and healthy.

Riding a bike is an environmentally friendly mode of transportation, reducing carbon footprint.  The feeling of the wind rushing through your hair, and the freedom of the open road (and trails!), all of these make buying a new bicycle a wonderful and satisfying experience. 

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