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MAY IS NATIONAL BIKE MONTH 🚴❤️️😃🚴 how cool is that. We get our very own month. Not just a puny day - THE WHOLE MONTH!!!

That means we challenge you to ride your bike every day in May. Come on you can do it. Here's how:

Step 1 - get a bike (we can definitely help you on that front)

Step 2 - put your butt on the saddle

Step 3 - pedal 😃

Now go to your social media platform of choice and start posting pics of your ride. Use #BWchallenge. We'll pick our favorite and make you famous. 

But wait there's more. The whole month has all kinds of bike activities. The big one for us in San Diego is our Bike To Work Day on May 18th.❤️️.  Here's another challenge for you. Ride to work on May 18th. Join about 20,000 of your closest friends and show up to work more energized than ever before.

We dare you! We double dare!! We double dog dare you!!! . We even triple dog dare you🐾  Just get your butt on a bike and go have some fun

Here's some great resources 

1. National Bike Month info
2. Bike to school day
3. Mother's Day National Women ride
4. Sandag go by bike
5. People for Bikes good info
6. Rides going on in San Diego for May
"It's your world, Ride it"
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