Lean in 17

Lean in 17

Our mantra for 2017

Lean is the mantra for 2017. Physically and mentally.

Physically lean means taking in less calories then you burn. Exercising to improve circulation and improve muscle strength. A new years resolution is a good start but then comes the hard part. Actually doing the work. You'll need some strong motivation in the form of a really good reason. Why do you want to be physically fit and lean? To be there for your spouse, kids, grandkids? It's okay to be selfish on this one and just want to live longer to enjoy more things. Whatever it is get a good one. Keep it front and center and let it push you to keep improving.

Mentally lean means staying focused. Minimizing distractions and sticking with your important vital items. This is a pretty tall order in today's fast paced world. Where everything is presented in bite sized snippets to accommodate a shorter attention span. Try this trick to clear your mind. Go on a bike ride. It may sound silly but your busy mind will settle into a calmness with better clarity. It works so well that many people consider their bike ride a great place to generate ideas. The combination of better blood flow to the brain and being outside of your normal office environment sparks the creative juices.

Go on a ride and get lean in 17'

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