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How to dismount on an Up Hill Ride

How to dismount on an Up Hill Ride

Mounting and Dismounting Up Hill:

When start or stop on a slope you should use the "Tripod stance" while always leaning into the uphill slope.

1. When starting on an uphill, you should have your bike on a slight angle across the hill to level the bike.
2. The upslope foot should be on the ground, balancing in an upright, tripod position. The other foot is on the pedal that is positioned at the top of the power stroke.
3. Brakes are applied to prevent the bike from rolling backwards.
4. In one motion begin the pedal stroke, release the brakes and quickly get your other foot on to the pedal to continue the pedaling action. 

Dismounting Uphill 

1. Lean to one side and put the up slope foot down to balance yourself.
2. Apply brakes to prevent from rolling backwards 

If you happen to start sliding be sure to tuck and roll 

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