How to Brake Properly while Mountain Riding

How to Brake Properly while Mountain Riding


Check brakes before every ride!

When most mountain bikers think of skills they need to learn and practice, braking isn’t usually one of them. I mean, how tough can it be: pull the lever and your stop, right? Not necessarily, learning proper braking helps you prevent from going over the handlebars and smashing your face into the ground which really hurts.

You’ll find that with just the front brake you are able to stop in a much shorter time than you could with just the rear brake; with both brakes you’ll stop even more quickly. 

1. Not skidding, is a key element in proper braking technique
2. Locking up the brakes equals loss of control and damages the trail
3. More braking power comes from the front brake than from the rear
4. Keep it Equal - apply brake pressure evenly so both tires share the load
5. Fingers ready - rest one or two fingers on each brake lever at all times

Shifting your body position behind the rear of the saddle is a proper braking technique - this will allow you to have more control when descending down hill.

Practice braking hard without skidding this will give you more confidence and control during your rides.

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