Cycling Guide for San Diego

Cycling Guide for San Diego

Since Bicycle Warehouse is San Diego grown , why not share some of the perks about riding around our city! 


Perfect Weather: San Diego is a big, tourist-friendly city--San Diego County is the size of Connecticut, and Holiday magazine said the city was "the only area in the U.S. with perfect weather," which means it should be a great place to come ride your bike in the winter. Winter temperatures here typically range from the mid-40s to the mid-60s, with plenty of humidity--it is a beach town, after all. Balboa Park: Home to the San Diego Zoo, a ton of museums and garden areas, and a host of restaurants, Balboa Park is a great place to pass whatever time you aren't spending on the bike. Just south of the park are a bunch of small cafes and coffee shops.

Sagebrush Safari: If you find your way to San Diego in late April, look up this classic NORBA event, which is run about an hour's drive inland from San Diego on Interstate 8 at Lake Morena. Offering a 32-mile single-lap course for experts and pros, and an 18-mile course for sport and beginner racers, the race has plenty of climbing and descending in high-desert conditions and still maintains a laid-back atmosphere.

Cycling Culture: San Diego is a cycling-friendly town, with an abundance of shops, clubs and group rides, and is the off-season training ground for plenty of pros. Check out for a list of local clubs and their websites, or the San Diego Mountain Bike Association for a list of rides and riding areas.

The Best Rides

The Most Riding: You can spend plenty of time in Cuyamaca Rancho state park. Located about 40 miles inland from San Diego on I-8, it offers 25,000 acres of pine and oak forest and open meadows, and more than 100 miles of trails.

The Most Popular: Don't miss Noble Canyon, off the Pine Valley exit of I-8. At around 10 miles in length, it is typically shuttled by hikers and bikers alike using it as a downhill-only trip, which would put it on our short-rides list, but, seriously, work your way up the trail, too. Offering everything from rough, rocky sections to smooth winding trail, it's all singletrack and likely the best-known ride in the San Diego area.

The Short Loop: Daley Ranch in Escondido is a 3,600-acre area of trails that was going to be used for housing, but has been set aside as open preserve. You can bust out a short loop there, or with a little creativity, stretch it into a few hours of riding.

The Group Ride: North County Cycling Club offers a variety of group rides on the weekends for varying levels of riders, including shorter ventures around the Lake Hodges area.

The Road Ride: If you're fit and into the road scene, you can't miss the Saturday Swami's club ride, which starts in Solana Beach and goes at a good pace for 40-plus miles. Sometimes a small group will split off to climb Mount Palomar, which is the other can't-miss road ride--more climbing than you can shake a stick at.


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