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5 Tips to Riding Switchbacks on a Mountain Bike

5 Tips to Riding Switchbacks on a Mountain Bike

Switchbacks can be the most challenging section of a mountain bike trail, and if there are some rocks and roots thrown in, they can be nearly impossible if you don't know the techniques to riding them properly.

Tip #1: Control your speed by braking before entering the switchback

Tip #2: When riding a downhill switchback, choose a line that runs to the outside of the turn.

Tip #3: Be up off the saddle with your cranks in the neutral position. As the steepness of the switchback increases move your body to the rear of the saddle.

Tip #4:  Point the inside knee toward the exit of the turn. If you have to brake partway through the turn, feather your brakes very gently. Braking hard in turns causes the bike to stand up and "high sides" the rider away from the corner.

Tip #5: On tight or steep switchbacks, use ratcheting to make it around the turn.

Alway ride with your eyes up, looking ahead and stay in control

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