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Fabric Scoop Elite Flat Saddle

Scoop Elite Flat Saddle

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SKU: SA0632

Flat is for flat out. This is the profile if profile if you like to get low to cheat the wind, and place less weight on the saddle. Flat profile has the flattest rear section and the lowest amount of padding. This profile is designed for the most aggressive riding position; the rider in this position will be pushing the hardest through the pedals. The Flat profile also has a thinner nose to allow better leg movement.

  • Award-winning construction technique
  • Flexible base and soft foam
  • Suitable for all cycling disciplines


  • Rail Material:¬†Chromoly
  • Clamp Style:¬†Std Rails
  • Saddle Cut Out:¬†No
  • Material:¬†Synthetic
  • Length:¬†282 mm
  • Width:¬†142 mm
  • Weight:¬†244 g
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