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Giant 29" Schrader Valve Bike Tube 35mm - 29" x 1.9 - 2.3"

29" Schrader Valve Bike Tube 35mm - 29" x 1.9 - 2.3"

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Giant's 29" Schrader Valve Bike Tube, specifically designed for tire sizes ranging from 29" x 1.9 to 2.3 inches. These high-quality inner tubes are crafted with precision and reliability in mind, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted biking experience.

Giant's commitment to excellence is evident in the construction of these tubes. Each tube is made from standard weight rubber, striking the perfect balance between durability and performance. With a thickness of 0.9mm, these tubes provide reliable protection against punctures and leaks, giving you peace of mind on your cycling adventures.

The 35mm Schrader valve featured in these tubes allows for easy inflation and deflation, compatible with a wide range of bike pumps and accessories. This standard valve size ensures hassle-free maintenance and convenience for riders of all levels.

Whether you're an avid cyclist seeking an upgrade for your mountain bike or a casual rider looking for reliable replacement tubes, Giant's 29" Schrader Valve Bike Tube is a top choice. With their impeccable construction and attention to detail, these tubes will keep you rolling smoothly on any terrain.


  • .09mm thick
  • 35mm Schrader valve


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