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I have purchased two bikes and a good amount of gear from this store. Every experience I have had has been awesome. So good in fact, it is the only bike shop I will go to now and I encourage my friends to do the same. The staff is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and trustworthy. They stand behind their equipment and will go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied. 100% this is the best bike shop in San Diego!
The customer service of the entire staff rocked. They actually care about their customers and their safety. They went above and beyond to help me get the correct bike rack for my Rogue just before my trip. I have never been so impressed with a company. I HIGHLY recommend this shop.
If you’re looking to buy a new bike or just want some more info on any of the cool new bikes riding around town the Bicycle warehouse is definitely the place for you. These guys are absolutely amazing at helping you pick the bike that is PERFECT!!
I bought a bike for my daughter here, the salesman was Ray. This man is a real professional and very good at making me, feel confident and comfortable in my purchase. I also came back to buy a basket for my daughter and had the pleasure to visit with Ray again, such a cool guy and again, made me feel very good about my purchase here.