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Bike Fenders

Ride through the rain and keep your bike looking pristine with bike fenders. Offering protection and style, front and rear fenders are suitable for road, gravel, and mountain bikes. Safeguard your bike from dirt, grime and ride in any weather.

  • Muckynutz Face Fender

    Muckynutz Face Fender


    The original design, the flexible front mudguard that started it all - improved and re-profiled since it's inception back in 2009 - now used and e...

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  • Mucky Nutz Butt Fender


    The original Mucky Nutz mountain bike saddle guard. Improved design is thicker, stronger and reprofiled for a better fit Prevents the top of seat...

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  • SKS X-tra Dry Quick Release Fender

    SKS X-tra Dry Quick Release Fender


    German-engineered rear fender for suspension and commuter bikes attaches easily to seatposts. Fender mounts easily to the seatpost with a powerst...

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  • SKS S-Blade 28" Rear Fender

    SKS S-Blade 28" Rear Fender


    Made for the ambitious racing cyclist or commuter, the S-Blade is light, low profile and works with tires up to 28mm wide. Quick-release mounting...

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  • SKS X-Mud Downtube Fender

    SKS X-Mud Downtube Fender


    The X-Mud is a lightweight dirtboard with rubber fasteners for downtube mounting. Includes foam rubber pad to avoid scratches and twisting Robust...

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