Top Tips for Transporting an E-bike

Top Tips for Transporting an E-bike

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Are you one of those e-bike newbies who have recently gotten their hands on a glossy new bike and want to get riding ASAP? That is great, but have you thought about how you are going to get it back home? What is your action plan when taking it on an upcoming holiday? What if the e-bike has to be taken to a bike shop for its routine service check-ups?

You can have all your questions answered if you read our go-to guide below for transporting your e-bike from one place to the other in the handiest and most self-sufficient manner!

Factors Impacting E-Bike Transport

There are two primary factors that may influence e-bike transport for your vehicle.

  1. Battery

E-bikes, as opposed to traditional bikes, have a battery and supporting electronic components that have to be carried too.

  1. Weight

E-bikes are typically heavier than traditional bikes that do not possess an electric pedal-assist feature.


The Top Tips for Transporting E-Bikes on a Vehicle

Transporting your e-bike through your vehicle such as a car or a van is the most preferred method used by people who are fond of exploring, having adventures, and touring new places. A very simple way is to stow the e-bike inside the car or use a bike carrier.

Transporting your Electric Bike Inside your Vehicle

A sport utility vehicle, a van, or a hatchback are the lowest barrier to entry if you're just getting into traveling with your electric bike. If your auto has enough cargo space the e-bike simply sits in the back of the vehicle.

This is also great because the e-bike’s components such as battery and brakes remain free of contamination and dry while inside. As an added bonus the bike is out of sight which helps prevent theft, but even locked inside a car we still suggest a u-lock around the rear wheel as e-bikes can be a tempting item for thieves as they can make a quick getaway.

It can be helpful if you remove the battery and front wheel of the e-bike before placing it inside the vehicle. It becomes substantially easier to lift it later due to the lighter weight.

The e-bike should be laid drivetrain side UP when put inside a vehicle. Keep your vehicles interior grease free and ensure your drivetrain and shifting continue running smooth. You should also make sure the e-bike is secured properly. On road braking forces can cause the bike to move.

As alluded to above the downside of stowing your e-bike in your car is if you haven't given it a deep cleaning post-ride mud and other debris will dirty your vehicle quickly, electric mountain bikes doubly so. A pro-tip going this route is laying the bike on an old blanket, but if you're really sending it out on the trails it's probably time to upgrade to a dedicated bike auto rack.

Transporting Your Electric Bike with an Auto Rack

Traveling with an Aventon Sinch E-Bike
An Aventon Sinch E-Bike ready for an adventure


If you are using a bike rack, please ensure that it is aptly rated for your e-bike's weight. The rack should also be able to accommodate the bike’s wheel sizes, frame, and tire width.

Auto hitch racks are the most secure, easiest, and most versatile method for transporting e-bikes is on the rear of your vehicle. We highly recommend installing a hitch mounted bike rack because it is considered by most to be the ideal way to carry bikes on a vehicle.

This style of racks are sturdy, reliable, easy to load, and don't have any risk of damaging your vehicle. However, you will need to have a receiver hitch installed on your vehicle. This could be done at your local U-Haul and can be an easy DIY project depending on your vehicle.

The two most common hitch sizes are 1-¼ and 2 inch receivers. Make sure that the bike rack you purchase is the same hitch size as the hitch receiver installed on your vehicle. If you are unsure, it’s best to have your bike rack professionally installed and inspected.

Shop Hitch Racks

Traveling with an Aventon e-bike

More Tips for Transporting Your E-Bike

Removing the battery is one of the most useful things you can do because the loading process becomes easier. You are also able to prevent potential loss, damage, or theft this way. After the e-bike is successfully placed upon the rack, use the rack’s straps and an additional lock to secure it properly.

With these tips and tricks, we are hopeful that you will have a lovely time exploring and adventuring as you transport your e-bike here and there!

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