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Tips for Riding Your Bike in Hot Weather

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A guide to staying cool and riding strong in the summer heat...


It's best to prepare yourself for the hot weather riding. Try riding early or late in the day when it's coolest.


Do everything you can to prevent sunburn: Always wear sunscreen; choose jerseys, shorts, and arm skins with built-in sun protection; and wear a cap under your helmet to shield your head.

Plan Ahead

Try freezing one bottle at half-full, then top it off before your ride. Or, put ice cubes in your hydration pack. For longer rides, bring along more water, or figure out where you can restock.

Cool Off

If your core temperature climbs too high, performance and health can suffer. Pour cool water over your neck and forearms, or wipe them with a cool, wet towel.

Tone It Down

Don't try to maintain the same pace and power as your other rides. It's okay to ease back on those hot summer days.


It's not all about water. Increase your consumption of watery fruits and vegetables. Sodium helps your body hold on to the fluid you're drinking, so sip an electrolyte beverage during your ride. However, if you do opt for plain water after a ride, pair it with a snack or meal that contains protein, carbohydrates, and sodium.


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