Tip on Road Group Riding

Tip on Road Group Riding

Group Riding:

Cycling in a group safely and efficiently is one of the key skills of road cycling. However, the first few times you ride in a group it can be a confusing experience. We've laid out 10 tips that will help you learn how to be part of a group ride.

Keep your speed smooth and controlled as possible, as everyone is riding in close proximity to one another. This means no grabbing handfuls of brake or fast accelerating. Always have your hands covering the brakes, either on the hoods or the drops. 

1. Practice calling "Car Back" This allows riders in front of you to know that a car is coming from behind so they can move to the right and out of the way.
2. Ride with the flow of traffic! Not facing into traffic
3. Follow traffic laws regarding direction, speed, stop lights, and other traffic signs. Make sure to signal turn direction and intent.
4. Wear appropriate safety gear - Always wear a helmet
5. Bright clothing and lights help cars see you
6. Do not presume you are seen unless making eye contact with other drivers and pedestrians.
7. Stay as far to the right as is safe
8. Ride single file and ride close to the wheel of the rider in front of you but do not overlap the wheels
9. Stop before complicated intersections and decide lane position and ride strategy
10. Defensive riding requires defensive thinking.

Be Safe and always look both ways before riding through intersections.

It's Your World, Ride it!



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