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Mountain biking is a thrilling sport that combines physical endurance with the excitement of navigating through diverse terrain. While the right bike is crucial, equally important are the accessories that enhance safety, performance, and overall experience. Here's a rundown of the best accessories for mountain biking, excluding clothing items:

1. Hydration System

  • Importance: Staying hydrated is critical for endurance and safety. Keep your tools, gloves and other riding gear so you're always ready to roll.
  • Options: Choose between hydration backpacks with a water reservoir or water bottles that fit securely in bike cages.

2. Flat Tire Repair Kit

  • Importance: Punctures can happen anytime, and being prepared is crucial. Nobody likes a walk of shame back to the trial head. Level up your mountain bike by going tubeless. 
  • Tips: Include a mini pump or CO2 inflator, tire levers, and a patch kit or a spare tube.

3. GPS Bike Computer / Phone

  • Importance: A GPS helps in navigation and tracking your ride metrics. Find your next favorite trail at MTB Project or on Strava
  • Features: Look for devices with trail maps, distance, speed, elevation, and heart rate monitoring capabilities.

4. Bike Multi-Tool

  • Importance: For on-the-go adjustments and repairs.
  • Recommended: Choose a multi-tool with various hex wrenches, screwdrivers, and a chain tool.

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5. Chain Lubricant and Cleaning Supplies

  • Importance: Regular maintenance keeps the bike in optimal condition.
  • Essentials: Include chain lubricant suitable for the local trail conditions, brushes, and cleaning agents.

6. Lighting System

  • Importance: Necessary for visibility during early morning, evening, or night rides.
  • Recommended: A combination of front and rear lights, and possibly a helmet-mounted light for more challenging terrains.

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7. First-Aid Kit

  • Importance: Essential for addressing minor injuries on the trail.
  • Contents: Stock antiseptic wipes, bandages, pain relievers, and any personal medication.

8. Bike Lock

  • Importance: Secure your bike during rest stops or when transporting it.
  • Types: U-locks, cable locks, or folding locks, depending on your security needs.

9. Shock Pump

  • Importance: For adjusting the suspension to match the trail conditions.
  • Use: A specific pump is needed for air-sprung suspension systems to ensure the right pressure.

10. Saddle Bag or Frame Bag

  • Importance: Convenient for carrying tools, snacks, and small personal items.
  • Varieties: Choose based on capacity needs and bike compatibility.


The right accessories can greatly enhance your mountain biking experience. From essential repair kits and hydration systems to navigation tools and bike security, each item plays a vital role in preparing you for the trails. Investing in these accessories not only improves your ride quality but also ensures you are well-equipped for safety and convenience during your mountain biking adventures.

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