Team Member Spotlight - Michael!

Team Member Spotlight - Michael!


A couple weeks back with so many 2018 bikes arriving our team couldn't help themselves - about a dozen of us here at Bicycle Warehouse purchased new bikes.

We figured what better time to find out a little bit more about the guys and gals of Bicycle Warehouse so without further ado here's Michael out of our Encinitas store who just picked up an awesome Giant TCX Advanced Pro 1

Tell us why you choose that bike.

2018 Giant TCX Advanced 1

As you can see from my pic, I have decided to round out my stable of Giant bikes with a new TCX Adv Pro 1. The reason I chose this bike is I now have all the tools to conquer any terrain I choose to ride - 2017 Trance Adv 1 for trail and park, 2018 Anthem Adv Pro 29 1 for XC racing, 2017 Defy Adv Pro 1 for pavement pounding, 2018 TCX Adv Pro 1 for gravel and dirt training and to conquer the 2018 Belgian Waffle Ride.

What's your goal is there a trail you want to crush or conquer?

My goal for the rest of the year is to complete the 2017 Filthy 50 in under five hours and to complete the final race of the 2017 So Cal Endurance season as a beginner. 2018 is going to be a big year and I want to be strong enough to compete in Sport class not only locally but at race events throughout California and other western states!

Who do you ride with?

I prefer to ride alone to be at peace with myself and nature but on Tuesdays I join an amazing group of North County riders and we light up the night riding on the local trails!

2018 Giant TCX Advanced 1
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