Smiling Jesse Blazing A Trail

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Jesse on his Giant TCR

This month we are giving you a brief glimpse in the life of our family member Jesse Garcia. He started working at Bicycle Warehouse back in 2012. To say he was rough around the edges would be a slight understatement. The first time I interacted with Jesse I almost fired him on the spot. I'm glad I didn't. Jesse has turned out to be a bright shining star as a Team Leader running our San Marcos store.

His enthusiasm for life is contagious. He's always smiling because he enjoys being around people. This is a rare shot of him without his smile. I think he has his game face on for the next climb.

Debbe and I are both super proud of the man he has become. We trust him with the keys to the kingdom. We are excited about all the great things we have yet to accomplish together. The world is yours young man. Blaze your trail.

Here's a little about Jesse

Where are you from?

I'm from Great Falls, Montana 


What else do you enjoy doing?

Hanging with my wife, going to comedy shows, laughing with friends, eating good food, drinking coffee, taking photos, and videos. 


What Kind of Bike Do You Ride?

I currently ride a TCR Advanced Pro, a Giant Anthem, and a Whitehouse BMX bike.


What do you love most about riding?

I love drinking coffee! 


What's your favorite Place to ride?

Downtown SD on the BMX or any road ride with an awesome view and espresso. Right now on the road bike I am all about climbing up Mt Whitney in San Marcos and riding thru dirt roads just exploring! 


What do you love most about being a Team Leader?

Working with my team to make them and myself best serve our guests. Also a huge plus is interacting with all of our new and existing guests and having them know they can rely on me and my team to best serve them.


What's the best piece of advice you have for any new rider

If you're getting a bike from us the quality is going to be great at any price point so make sure you get the accessories. They will make you ride longer with more comfort and will help you be prepared. Also, wheel sets are the most important upgrade you can do.


What's your Favorite type of nutrition for road riding

On shorter rides I use just the electrolyte mixes in my water. If it's a long ride I will pre-make oat bars and eat on every hour.


Thanks Jesse. 

We love you and look forward to lot's of prosperous years ahead

Mike & Debbe
Bicycle Warehouse










Robb (on the right) picks up his new custom board to enjoy his second favorite sport. It was his anniversary gift for an awesome 20 years of creating Raving Fans at Bicycle Warehouse

Ok, now it's time to gush a bit.
Robb, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have been a trusted friend, dedicated team leader and foundation rock that Bicycle Warehouse has been built on. We seriously cannot express our love and appreciation enough to equal all the hard work you have contributed to make us successful. Your DNA is mixed into the company at all levels and it's a big part of what makes us who we are.
You are showing no signs of slowing down (other than the up hills. Sorry, I couldn't resist a quick jab). Seriously, you consistently lead the way for everyone else in the company to see "how it's done". I'm sure that's why you lead the pack in creating Raving Fans.
Let's keep fighting the good fight for a life of adventure, success and fun. You da man
No you Da Man
Love Always,
Debbe and Mike
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