RV Trips and Electric Bike Adventures

RV Trips and Electric Bike Adventures

Feel like getting away, plan a RV adventure with your electric bikes. Pack up the RV and take your e-bike on vacation. There are a range of enjoyable and relaxing factors simply riding your e-bike in the neighborhood. However, one might feel constrained only riding locally and might want to explore options like the national park services, a new city, beach camp grounds or RV parks with friends.

Read more to find out how you can carry your e-bikes in your RV and embark on new fun adventures.   

 carry your e-bikes in your RV and embark on new fun adventures

The Power and Range of E-Bike

Most e-bikes have a mean range of more than 25 miles, while some may also promise to deliver about 50 miles, according to the terrain and other factors. Just imagine the levels of thrill and pure bliss an RV-er can attain with that amount of range available to explore. 

Set out for either a sightseeing tour across the local attractions, checking out a National Park, pedaling around the RV park, running errands or fetching supplies at the local store.

The e-bike power and range allow you to be active and adventurous as you explore the open road and tonight's campsite.  

Features of an E-Bike

With a multiplicity of electric bike (pedal assist or motor assist) options available in the market, it surely can be overwhelming to condense the list of options available. To assist in your selection process, please read our blog titled: What is an E-bike 

For RV adventures an ideal e-bike should have the following distinctive features to make transporting and storing easy and user friendly:

  • It should be compact, whether in terms of being light-weighted or foldable, so it can be easily stored on a carrier. It is always wise to keep your e-bike sheltered from the rain due to its electronic nature.
  • The e-bike should have tire sizes that can efficiently handle a diversity of terrains, particularly if you are one who enjoys traveling off the beaten path.
  • Your e-bike should have a decent range.
  • The e-bike should fit your budget since e-bikes are not cheap.

Camping with an electric bike

What to Consider for RV Adventure E-Bike Trip

There are two predominant factors to consider when taking your e-bike in your RV: storage and security.


Finding the optimal e-bike storage and transport within your RV is critical. A successful strategy of fitting it into the constrained space of the vehicle or racking it. We propose two solutions: either having a folding e-bike or having an e-bike rack.

  1. Folding e-bikes are undoubtedly one of the finest advances for city commutes, as you can fit your mighty e-bike, just like a piece of luggage, conveniently fit in any space. In recent years, manufacturers are supplying high quality models and they do not sacrifice power or battery capacity in order to be small and lightweight. 
  2. Without a non-folding e-bike, it can be a hassle to fit a full-sized bike into the limited space inside your RV, but many vehicles do come with a hitch that can be utilized to mount a bike rack. Be sure to purchase a rack designed for the heavier e-bikes vs. traditional pedal powered bikes.  


The most obvious precaution of preventing your e-bike from getting stolen is keeping it locked whenever outside the home, or even at a campground. You can enjoy the thrills of your journey without the impending fear of losing your bike by investing in a top-quality bike lock for regular bike or electric bicycles.

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Where to Charge your E-Bike

Bring your own power source or use a portable solar charger for your e-bike, or buy a portable charging station and pre-charge it before going on your trip. Some ranger stations will let you charge your bikes there while the station is attended, giving you peace of mind that your bike will be safe. Remember that a full recharge takes time and a fast charger is a good option for those wanting to get back out quickly. Campsites with RV hookups commonly have the resources to charge e-bike batteries.

RVs and electric bikes

Ideas on where to go RV E-bike Adventuring



The good news is e-bike adventures can go mobile with you in the RV. Join people across the country and take your e-bike on your next cross country journey or weekend getaway. Our favorite destination is Sedona, Arizona. Figure out the best e-bike and storage options and hit the open road to adventure!

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