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Ready Ride Set Up Fee

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We always want you to have a great ride on your bike. Therefore we want to make sure it is ready to go when you purchase it. We also want to keep it running at 100% along the way.

That is why we have a Ready To Ride set up fee on new bikes:

It covers these three areas

  • Professional assembly
  • 90 day new bike service
  • Warranty processing


Since most bikes come from the factory to us only partially assembled, we employ our professional bike builders to finish the job.

Bike are definitely more complicated than back in the old days when we started in 1992. Now we have electronic shifting & braking, electronic motors and drivetrains along with some very sophisticated suspension elements. You can't just have the high school kid build bikes any more. Having fully trained techs and a service center that has strong quality controls is a must.  

Here is what goes into the bike builds

  • Wheel System
    • Installation of wheels
      • Wheels trued
      • Hubs adjusted
      • Tube and Tires set at proper psi
      • Quick release/ thru-axle tightened to proper torque
      • Reflectors installed
      • For tubeless wheels- taped and sealant installed.
  • Drivetrain System
    • Front and Rear Derailleurs
      • Installed & adjusted
    • Crank, bottom bracket
      • Adjusted, tightened to proper torque
    • Pedals
      • Installed
      • Tightened to proper torque
  • Brake Systems
    • Front and rear brakes 
      • Installed & adjusted
      • Disc brake rotors installed and trued
      • Brake lines bled as needed
  • Cockpit
    • Fork installed
    • Headset adjusted
    • Seat post and Seat installed and adjusted
      • Seat angle adjusted
      • Reflector installed
      • For dropper posts, cable + housing, dropper post, dropper lever installed and adjusted
      • Torqued to specification
    • Stem and bars installed
      • Bar sweep angle adjusted
      • Stem set in positive position
      • Reflector installed
      • Torqued to specifications
    • Grips, shifters and brake levers adjusted
      • Brake levers angle adjusted
      • Shift levers angle adjusted
      • Dropper lever angle adjusted


Within 90 days of purchasing your bike we want to do a full Master service on it. We go through the bike from head to toe. Here is all the work that gets done:

90 Day New Bike service includes the following-

  • Wheel System
    • Wheels trued
    • Hubs adjusted
    • Tires set to proper PSI
  • Drivetrain System
    • Derailleurs adjusted
    • Bottom Bracket Adjusted
  • Brake System
    • Brakes adjusted
  • Cockpit
    • Stem torque check
    • Headset Adjusted
    • Seat post collar torque check
    • Dropper post cable adjustment
  • Bike Washed
  • Drivetrain Lubed


Warranties generally do not mean anything to people in the beginning. Buy once you need a warranty it means EVERYTHING. Therefore, we cover the original owner of the bike for free warranty processing. We use our best efforts to obtain the parts at no charge from the vendor/factory (however regular installation fees still apply). Here is link to all of the different bike warranty coverages

Enjoy your new ride on lots of fun adventures!


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