Meet Gilbert from our Chula Vista Store One of Our Bike & Gear Experts

Meet Gilbert from our Chula Vista Store One of Our Bike & Gear Experts


Hi there I'm Gilbert, I'm here from Bicycle Warehouse Chula Vista. So I'm here to talk about my rig, what I ride. This is my 2016 Santa Cruz 5010. I really like this rig because for San Diego it's really hard to find something that's so agile, fun and able to handle all the trails in the area.

Watch the video above to hear more about all the upgrades: bigger tires, upgraded brakes, and suspension.

Recommended Gear

A bike helmet mounted NiteRider Lumina light paired an 1800 lumen handlebar mounted light. That's more light than a car.

Gilbert's Favorite Trails

Anderson Truck Trail, Sweetwater definitely has a lot of places to ride, 8th Street in Chula Vista is always fun, Noble Canyon for a good place to go and unwind all-day.

Gilbert's Favorite Food

A carne asada burrito. It's kinda my soul food, I grew up right here in San Diego and it's part of my hometown.

What's your favorite riding tip?

Let loose on the bike. Enjoy yourself, it's gonna be hard work but keep putting in the effort. It's going to be more enjoyable the more your ride.

Gilbert letting loose

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