The Afghan Women's Team

The Afghan Women's Team

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The Afghan National Women’s Cycling Team, a group of young women who are on the front lines of a gender revolution in Afghanistan, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. These women are pedaling a revolution and putting their lives at risk by the simple act of riding a bike. Why? Because they believe it is their right.

In January, Italian radio station RAI2 announced the formal nomination of the bike for the Nobel Peace Prize with the support of 118 Italian lawmakers to promote “the most democratic means of transportation for all mankind,” according to CBS.

The women of the Afghani cycling team were named as the human representation of the bicycle and its power to bring about social justice.

Liv ambassador Shannon Galpin and her non-profit Mountain2Mountain have been supporting the Afghan women’s cycling program for the past two and a half years. In a blog she wrote after the Nobel Peace Prize announcement, Shannon says, “The Nobel Peace Prize nomination recognizes the bravery, the courage, and the ability of these women to take back the streets and their rights on bikes.”

Together with Let Media, Mountain2Mountain has been involved in producing a feature-length documentary about the brave women of the Afghan National Women’s Cycling Team.Afghan Cycles is due for release this year. 


Truly inspiring!

Article from Liv Cycling. 

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