How to Replace Your Bike Pedals

How to Replace Your Bike Pedals

Why are bike pedals sold separately? 

Bike pedals are sold as a pair. The right pedal has a normal thread, but the left pedal has a reversed thread. This is to prevent it unscrewing itself over time as you pedal. One of the last things you'd want on a ride is one of your pedals falling off.

How I Tell Right from Left Bike Pedals?

Most brands make this easy. There should be an L (for left) and a R (for right) embossed on each of the bike pedals. Typically around the axle. 

How to Replace Bike Pedals

Before installing your new bike pedals you'll need to remove the old pair. Using a 15mm wrench (we suggest a Park Tool Pedal Wrench) loosen the pedals. Most pedals have a flatten area around the axle making it easy to get a secure hold on the pedal. The right pedal loosens counter-clockwise, the left pedal loosens clockwise. 

Installing Bike Pedals

Start by greasing the axles on both bike pedals. This not only prolongs their life, but will make it easier to get them on now and off in the future should you need to remove them again. Check out our selection of bike lubes & grease - a favorite of ours that we use at all of our bike shops is the Park Tool Polylube

Once properly lubed up turn the pedal into the crank one or two turns with your fingers to make sure you have a good link and are not cross-threaded. Now you move on to the wrench. A tight crank pedal is very important for your safety and the performance of your bike. 

Remember: thread the left pedal counter clockwise and the right pedal clockwise. 

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