How to Avoid Chain Cross

How to Avoid Chain Cross

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What is Chain Crossing? 

Chain cross happens when the chain is in high gear/low gear combinations and should be avoided when possible. This means the Chain on the big Chainring and/or Big Cog and the small chainring and/or small cog

This puts the chain at an angle which may rub the front derailleur or cause the chain to make a clanking noise. Chain cross can also cause premature wear on the bicycle drivetrain which leads to costly repairs. 

Chain lines are something we can control in large measure.  When we choose a gear, we are choosing a chain line, and the more out of straight that chain line is, the more internal stress and friction are present.  That equates to less efficiency.  Like the dirt, a little is not a big deal, but if it accumulates, it will show it’s ugly side by wearing out parts faster and (worse case) failing prematurely. 

Chains and shifting operate best when the chain is relatively straight. It's always best to carry a chain tool in case you break your chain and having a spare chain link will save you time and hassle too.

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