How Many Miles Can An Electric Bike Go?

How Many Miles Can An Electric Bike Go?

What is an e-bike’s range?

Before you head out on your next cycling tour know how far you can go. An e-bike’s range varies somewhere between forty to a hundred miles, primarily depending upon a range of factors such as the vehicle’s average speed, size of the battery, the weight of the rider, and a lot more.

Considering the average 36V – 48V sized battery, the most probable range of the e-bike can be 15 – 35 miles per charge.

How far can an electric bicycle go on a single charge?

There are a number of factors that determine the distances covered by an electric bicycle on a single charge.

External Factors

  • There is a diverse range of external factors including the load or weight of the e-bike, the terrain and surfaces on which the bike is traveling, stop-starting, wind and weather, and the human energy or input which is exerted on the bike.
  • The heavier the weight on the e-bike, the greater the reduction in the overall distance traveled. If you're looking to squeeze more miles out of your ride consider leaving heavy items like bike chain locks at home.
  • If the bike is going uphill, greater energy is exerted which limits the distance covered. Similarly, traveling on less-grippy surfaces demands a stronger power.
  • Headwind tends to propel the e-bike and decrease its range, while a tailwind has a rather positive impact.
  • When the e-bike stops fully and loses its momentum, it becomes more demanding. Stop-starting reduces the range by exerting substantial amounts of energy.
  • Human input is associated with how hard the rider pedals. Pedal power translates to the amount of energy being used. The greater the energy input of the e-bike, the lesser the range.
  • Speed: if you are maxing out at 20 mph or 28 mph you'll use more of your e-bike's battery energy. Slow down and sit back to enjoy the scenery on longer rides. 

Electrical Factors

  • Two prevailing electrical factors determine the range of the e-bike including power choices and battery capacity. Most e-bikes have a lithium-ion battery. The greater the amount of power the battery can hold, the greater the e-bike’s range.
  • Additionally, when the rider learns to optimize the use of electric assist, there is most likely to be a greater range.

 Mechanical Factors

  • Bike tire choice and pressure, and gearing are two main mechanical factors. Smoother, slimmer tires are much better choices for having a greater e-bike range. While knobby fat tires are great for exploring trail systems they are not so great on range. Under-pumped tires can provide more traction, but have an adverse impact on the length of your cycling trip.
  • It is absolutely significant to get the gearing balanced in order to limit the extra effort and calories invested by the rider, subsequently reducing the e-bike’s range. 

Tips to Increase E-Bike Range

Tips to increase e-bike range

If you are looking out to maximize your bike range, be sure to use fully pressurized and pumped tires. Try your best to lose the extra weight on the e-bike. Correct tires according to the purpose of the e-bike should be used, instead of the routine mountain-bike style tires that most bikes have.

You can further increase your bike range by riding slower and using the correct pedal assist level. Finally, an oiled and suitably cleaned drivetrain is vital to ensuring the greatest efficiency.

What to Bring On Long E-Bike Trips?

Priority #1 should be the rider (that's you!). Pay close attention to skin, and pack items such as UV50 protective bike clothing, glasses for warm, sunny days, gloves, and maybe extra pairs of pants to slip into at your final destination. A small first aid kit that you might need should be brought along on a long journey

Don't get stranded far from home or a bike shop. Spare bike parts for e-bikes and a multi-tool for road side fixes are a must. An increasing amount of riders are bringing along extra e-bike batteries to increase your range and explore new places.

A large number of riders are fond of bringing their drones, action cameras, iPods, phones, and GoPro to capture picturesque sceneries, and film their adventures for social media. Be sure to tag #BicycleWarehouse and have fun out there!

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