Giving is good for the soul

Giving is good for the soul

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Meet our "Brown Bag Ladies." Debbe, Rosie and Maria. All three have full time careers yet still found time to help the homeless and hungry. They made 112 brown bag lunches to feed people in need downtown.

Maria is the resident bike building guru. She single handedly builds almost every bike that is sold in all seven stores. Oh yeah, she's a full time mom too. Wow, you go girl.

Rosie handles all the money for the company. She is the reconciling queen. She watches every penny so that there is some left at the end of the year to go into the company ESOP, the employee stock ownership program that shares the company profits with all the vested team members. She was able to buy ingredients for 112 brown bag lunches with sandwiches, snacks and drink for $1.00 each. Thanks to Rosie even more families enjoyed a much needed healthy lunch.

Debbe is the ring leader. She started Bicycle Warehouse back in 1992 with her husband and has been a driving force ever since. Her infectious smile and energy seems boundless. She can run one of the largest bicycle retailers in the country while still finding time to give back.

During a recent financial meeting Debbe and Rosie got talking about the less fortunate. They shared being grateful for living in a wonderful city, having great friends, a loving family and working in a company that fuels their passion and is fun. It sparked their desire to do something and do something now! A couple days later, here they are passing out 112 lunches downtown.

Not knowing what to expect, all three ladies got much in return. Everyone truly appreciated their genuine help. It was only a meal, but for many it was their only one in a long time. It seems futile to offer so little to people who need so much.  As we post this they are all still out there and all still hungry. To all of them it meant a lot.

Maria said it was so moving that next time her two kids are coming. She wants them to feel the genuine appreciation she felt from sharing a little love with complete strangers in need. Her kids will certainly come away with their own feeling of gratitude for everything their mom has been able to provide for them.

Debbe was taken aback by the number of full families that were living on the streets. Kids of all ages including babies.  

I'm sure the dynamic trio are already busy planning the next round of giving back. If you ever want to volunteer give Debbe a shout at They would love to have join the effort. 

Be grateful, be kind and share the love

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