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Gas Prices Got You Down? Turn Your Commute into Daily Cash and Health Savings with These 5 Biking Tips

There has never been a better time to get your butt on a bike and finally tackle that commute to work.

With gas prices skyrocketing locally to roughly 6-plus bucks per gallon, the daily stresses we’re all feeling from current global conflicts, and the ups and downs of the pandemic—NOW is your opportunity to re-connect and tap into your power as you exercise your freedom to ride.

To get you motivated, here are handful of benefits and tips to keep in mind as you tackle your commute comfortably and safely:

1. The no brainer, you’ll save money.

      • Did you know that on a 20-mile commute (both ways) you can save around $1,800 annually on gas costs alone? And, that's when gas costs are the normal average range (from the last few years) chiming in at $2-$3 a gallon.
      • On insurance you can save up to an additional $1,500. 
      • Trade in your car for a bicycle to boost even more savings when you factor in car payments, maintenance, repairs, parking costs, tickets if you're late paying the meter or park in the wrong spot.
Put your wallet away and use the extra cash to treat yourself to a coffee on your way to work.
Aventon Soltera EBike

2. In bigger cities, you’ll likely get to where you’re going faster on a bike. Do adhere to your local community laws and step up your own safety by:

      • Use safety techniques like hand signals, bicycle mirrors and add lights to your frame and spokes.
      • Use a bell and don’t be shy to shout out and let distracted pedestrians know you’re about to pass or coming up from behind.
      • Carry a repair kit to fix flats or to make any adjustments to your stem, brakes or chain.

3. Grab the right bike for the job…

Aventon Soltera Bike

    4. You’ll lose some of that winter weight and strengthen your muscles. According to Harvard University, a 155-pound person can burn close to 300 calories in about 30 minutes of moderately paced cycling which is right around 12 to 14 miles per hour.

          • In addition to shedding weight, the low impact exercise strengthens and stimulates your heart, lungs, and overall circulation which can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.
          • Get out there and commute consistently to reap the rewards of strong legs. Cycling improves function in your lower body (targeting your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves) strengthening your muscles without over stressing your joints. Support your cycling performance by doing leg exercises using the leg press at the gym or squats and lunges at home a few times a week.
          • Cycling improves balance, posture and coordination. As you work to stabilize your body and keep your bike upright, your enhanced posture will lend itself to a sleeker and more confident you in addition to your new muscles and weight loss.

      Watch this video for more biking health benefits and consider your workout ticked off your list during the time it takes to get where you’re headed.

      5. The best part, that money can’t buy… You’ll get a burst of feel-good adrenalin and endorphins to help ease stress as you glide through your workday. Regular riding can lessen anxiety and depression.

          • According to a survey by Cycleplan, which studied the health benefits people experienced after taking up the exercise of cycling, found 75% of cyclists noticed an improvement in their mental health, with 8% sharing that it helped with their depression and/or anxiety. Keep rolling to experience the mental health benefits of cycling.
          • Practice mindfulness on your bike and add it to your daily meditation practice toolkit. Drop in, feel the pavement or the trail beneath, and connect. With the fresh breeze and sunshine on your face, you’ll keep the feel-goods and that glow all day.
          • A happier and more relaxed mind and body will not only improve your mood, it will give you increased energy helping you to get out and socialize more with friends and family.
      Aventon Soltera Bike

      Biking connects us to that first freedom we felt when we learned to ride as children. Tap into that freedom and power. There’s a lot happening in the world, but right now you and your bike can help release some of what you’re carrying and give the environment and your wallet a break.


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