Holiday Biking Gifts for Kids that Love Bikes

Holiday Gifts for Kids that Love Bikes

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The holiday season is just around the corner, time to decide on gifts for your loved ones, we think a new bike and bike accessories will be a huge hit! 

Bikes are some of the best and most rewarding gifts for kids, because they give independence, build confidence, promote a healthy lifestyle and offer year round FUN.  Be it your own kid, a friend’s child, or your siblings’ children, hang on tight as we are about to explore with you a range of bike-related gifts that any kid would absolutely adore! 


Do you want a gift that can be positively useful as well as a blast all year long? Not only is it a pleasurable physical activity, but also great for gaining independence and confidence. They can explore, embark on adventures and follow the rhythm of their heart with a new bike!

There are numerous different style bikes to choose from in the kids' bike category. First narrow down the desired riding style your child seeks and ultimately their long term cycling goals. It's common to start with a simple bike without excessive features to build a solid foundation of bike riding skills. Coaster brakes, single speeds, and balance bikes are all examples of user friendly technology popular with young children's bikes. 

As their riding improves and they grow, so can their bike's abilities. Upgrading to a bike with gears, higher quality brakes and components designed for the style of riding is the next step as your child's riding improves. Kids' bikes are often split between hybrid/road bike style and mountain bike style. 

Here are some options for bicycles that you can gift your young ones:

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Little Kids Bikes

  1. PRE. Learning to balance and ride a bike has never been easier. Put a young rider on a PRE and watch them go! With a lightweight aluminum frame that’s designed with a low standover height, Pre inspires young riders to get rolling. Made with 12-inch wheels and a quick-adjust saddle, it’s the perfect way to begin their cycling adventures.
  2. 12" Bike. A child's 1st bike is one of life's greatest moments.  A lightweight aluminum frame with a low stand-over height, plus 12-inch wheels, will make your child's first bike experience comfortable and confidence-inspiring. 
  3. 16" Bike. Nothing beats the feeling of your first pedal bike. These two-wheeler comes with removable training wheels and makes it easy for kids to fall in love with cycling.

BMX Bikes

It is the perfect ride for your prince and princess with age-appropriate sizes. They can smoothly ride this over bumpy roads and narrow lanes. Inspired by the motocross riding style and dirt jump tracks. From tricks and flips to cruising around town, these BMX bikes are all about action. Lightweight yet rugged frames, BMX bikes are ready to rip, be it the street, dirt, or the park. This bike would be a big jump from tricycles, so it is imperative for you to assure the safety of your children and to accompany them on their initial journeys.

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Mountain Bikes

Girls Mountain Bikes

As your youngster gracefully moves into teen-hood, we recommend 26" wheels for riders in the 12-16 year old range. These bikes are on par with adult bikes, yet feature 26" wheels offering better handling for a growing teen. They have strong brakes and can make any adventurous journey enjoyable. Gift this to someone who is willing to up their game in bicycling.

E-Bikes for Kids 

Electric bikes for kids are quickly gaining in popularity, and the technology powering them continues to get better and better. Electric bikes are the best for cyclists looking to get more out of their ride. Anyone can benefit from the amplified pedal power. It's still you pushing the pedals, only faster and further.

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Family Biking - Bike Kids Seats & Bike Trailers

Shop the best kids bike trailers

When buying a child seat first consider if you want to carry the child on the front or rear of your bike. Keep in mind you need to purchase a child carrier that’s going to fit your bike.

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Kids Bike Size Chart

Bike Accessories 

1. Bike LED lights

Add spark to the bikes with vibrant lights in lots of FUN colors. Spoke lights or frame lights have multiple modes and settings, with different colors as well. It’s really important that you’re all lit up and visible when you’re riding your bikes in low light and dark conditions. Customization with your kids favorite color. Stocking Stuffer idea. 

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2. Personalized bike stickers.

A touch of customization doesn't hurt anyone, does it? Any color, shape, and design can be made into a sticker, increasing the sense of belonging your child has with the bike. Stocking Stuffer idea.

3. Cartoon Character Bicycle Bells

Cartoon character-themed products have always been a significant marketing tactic and children cannot resist them and they prove to be major winners. These bike bells easily fit onto the handlebars. Bike bells help keep everyone safe and are recommended whether you're riding in the city or on the trails.They are reasonably priced and add an instant pop of color and charm to the bicycle. Stocking Stuffer idea.

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4. Kid’s Bike Helmets - REQUIRED!

Kids Bike Helmets

The bike helmet is the single most important piece of protective gear a cyclist can wear. Helmets come in different styles, each with an intended purpose. There's a helmet for every rider, from full faced mountain, to aerodynamic road, and even stylish commuter and kids helmets. There are also a plethora of color and design options out there! 

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5. Knee Pads and Elbow Pads

It is very natural to have a few falls in the initial period of riding. Better protection means more peace of mind. Helmets, knee pads and elbow pads for better protection and peace of mind.

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6. Baskets

Are your children visiting their friends on a bicycle? They would absolutely want to carry their toys with them or maybe a quick snack. This is a wonderful accessory that would be helpful in storage and also enhance appearance. You can also send your children down the block for instant grocery runs on a bicycle!

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Cycling is one of those exercises that is great for all different levels, offers endless hours of fun and exploring. Many holiday gifts become discarded within the year — or the month — after they are given. But gifts that help your child find joy while cycling will pay off throughout their life. Bikes and biking accessories are some of the most memorable and useful gifts you can give this holiday season.

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