Beat the winter blues with an e-bike or mountain bike ride

Beat the Winter Blues - Go for a BIKE RIDE!

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Winter can be a tough time for outdoor enthusiasts, especially for those who love cycling. Short days, cold temperatures, and inclement weather can make it difficult to stay motivated and get out on the bike. However, with the right mindset and preparation, it's possible to beat the winter blues and enjoy some great rides.

Here are some tips for winter bike riding.
  1. Layering is KEY, as you can easily adjust your layers to match the temperature. Proper clothing is essential for staying warm, dry and comfortable while riding in the cold. Look for bright colored moisture-wicking fabrics. Cycling headwear - cap, skullcap or face mask add warmth to your head. Bike gloves that are fully waterproof can keep your hands dry and warm. Be sure the gloves that still afford you full control of your brakes and shifters. You also need them to grip well in wet weather.  Footwear - add thicker socks. Also consider shoe covers, for wind and waterproof protection.  Tread on your soles can help with traction while off your bike. 
  2. Know where you going - Plan your route in advance and winterize your riding tactics.  Be sure your route is safe from debris, shorten it if it is extremely cold. Ride relaxed, stay loose, and use your legs while avoiding obstacles or slick spots. If you're looking for a new route check out RideSpot, made by our friends at People for Bikes.
  3. Get LIT and be seen. Bike lights are key to being seen, get the brightest lights in the front, minimum 500 lumens. In the rear, minimum is 100 lumens.  We recommend carrying a secondary source as back up. Remember: Fluorescent Clothing during the day - Reflective Clothing at night. 
  4. Check and Adjust your tires. For winter, inflate your tires to the low end of the range. This puts more tire surface in contact with the road.  Check your tire pressures often. Tires loose pressure over time and cold weather can also reduce pressure. Another consideration is wider and knobbier tires - these help with traction. Consider puncture resistant or tubeless tires as well. Shop bike tires.
  5. Stay motivated. Winter cycling offers tons of benefits including beating the winter blues, keeping your fitness up and your biking skills honed.  One of the biggest challenges of winter bike riding is staying motivated to get out and ride. To help stay motivated, consider setting a goal for yourself, such as training for a specific event or trying to ride a certain number of miles per week. You could also join a cycling group or ride with friends to help keep you accountable.

  6. Hydration and Skin Protection.  Take a warm drink in an insulated thermos if it is cold outside. Be sure to use sun screen and lip balm to protect your skin. 
  7. Keep your bike in good condition. Cold temperatures and wet weather can take a toll on your bike, so it's important to keep it in good condition. Be sure to clean and lubricate your bike regularly, and check for any wear and tear. Consider taking your bike to a shop for a tune-up if it hasn't been serviced in a while.

  8. Find indoor alternatives workouts. If the weather is really bad, or if you just need a break from the cold, consider finding indoor alternatives for your rides. This could include using a stationary bike, joining a spin class, or using a virtual cycling app.

By following these tips, you can help beat the winter blues and enjoy some great rides even when the weather isn't cooperating. Remember to stay motivated, stay warm, and take care of your bike, and you'll be well on your way to a successful winter of cycling.

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