5 Ways to Enjoy More Life

5 Ways to Enjoy More Life

5 ways to enjoy more life

Life can be hard, don’t you think?  Are you tired of being overwhelmed, exhausted, and always chasing more time?

From the late nights to the early mornings, never getting enough sleep, the days vanish.  The traffic filled commutes and the chatter that now occupy our lives are overwhelming.  

And the result?

Instead of enjoying every precious moment we have, we find ourselves struggling through the day.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Instead, with just a few simple practices, we can move back toward a life we enjoy more.  

Besides, we’re not here to struggle, we’re here to THRIVE!

So if you’re ready to enjoy more life, check out these proven ways to get’r done!

Move Your Body

While we spend a lot of time using our minds, we forget that our bodies impact our minds function.  And exercise, even as simple as going for a short walk, releases a chemical called dopamime which helps you destress and recenter.  So when you’re feeling frazzled, or overwhelmed, give yourself permission to move your body, go for a ride, so you can calm your mind, and feel better.

Take Deep Breaths

Our minds are constantly trying to solve problems, create problems, or otherwise make sense of the world.  Meditation, gives our minds a break, let’s it re-focus, and increases our ability to deal with the stresses of life.  And what’s great, is that in as little as one mindful breath you can feel better.   

Go Play Outside

They say that nature is good for the soul, yet we spend most of our lives indoors.  Is it any wonder we feel closed off and overwhelmed?  We’ve literally put walls between us and soul goodness!  Thankfully, that’s an easy fix.  Next time you’re feeling less than awesome, take the time to go on a short stroll at a local park or nature preserve.  Maybe... ride a bike! Not only will you give yourself a hit of feel-good dopamine, but you’ll also reconnect with the natural world we’re part of.

Express Your Gratitude

Life always presents opportunities for us to lose sight of all amazingness that we have.   But if we can focus our minds on just a handful of things we’re grateful for everyday, we’ll train our minds to see more reasons to be grateful.  And the results can be astounding.  And it only takes a few moments.  So right now, take a few moments and write down 3 things your grateful for.  Do this for next few weeks, and feel for yourself how much more life you’ll enjoy.

Be More Social

It’s easy to get in a routine of the 9 to 5 grind. And before long, we find ourselves missing one of life’s sweetest gifts. Time with friends where we talk about stuff that doesn’t matter, we laugh so hard we want to pee our pants, and look back on the great times we’ve had.  Spending time with people is one of the best ways to enjoy more life.  It gives us a chance to take a break, recharge, and laugh.

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself

With these 5 simple steps, I’m sure you’ll enjoying life a little more.  But you may be wondering if you should do them all, or where to start.  

My suggestion would be with whichever is easiest for you to do right now.

That might mean that you’ll text a friend for a mid-week cocktail, or it might mean that you’ll simply take a mindful breath right now.   

The truth is, it doesn’t really matter.  

What does matter, right now is for you to decide to enjoy more of life and take action toward that end.

With that decision in mind, you’ll no doubt enjoy the ride we call life!

And while you’re enjoying your ride, I’d love to hear which of these you’ve tried and liked.  Share you experience on our FB page.

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