#1 Mountain Bike Accessory

#1 Mountain Bike Accessory


We get asked a lot "how do I become a better mtn bike rider". Our answer is to improve your bike handling skills and to improve your pedaling skills. It's these pedaling skills that leads us to recommend a Road Bike as the number one accessory to a mtn bike.

I can already hear the confusion through your screen as you read this. Here goes our logic for this recommendation. Mtn biking is on varied terrain and requires a lot of change in your pedaling cadence. The constant gear changes and bike maneuvering causes variations to the speed of your pedal rotations.This is a very inefficient way to achieve power while pedaling.

Road riding on the other hand has the advantage of allowing you to select a gear that produces a more constant pedal rotation. It's this constant cadence that allows you to maximize the power output of your pedal strokes. If you put in lot's of road miles you will absolutely gain more power that easily translates to the same on the mtn bike.

Roughly 90 rpm's is the optimal cadence that you want to maintain on any bike. If you go slower you are probably mashing too hard a gear. If you spin faster you are probably using a gear that is too easy. Which causes you to bounce in your saddle while you over rotate.

Use the road to train for pedaling power and it will certainly improve your mtn bike skills. You will be a much better mtn bike climber in a much shorter period of time versus just using the mtn bike miles to improve. All of riding buddies will want to know you secret. It really works. Try it. 😃🚴💥☯

"It's your world, Ride it"

P.S. - Guess what the #1 accessory is for a Road Bike?? 

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