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Serfas Dual Density Women's Bike Seat

Dual Density Women's Bike Seat

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Whether you’re a new rider or a long-time trail warrior, you are looking for more than just a clear sky and inflated tires. You want a comfortable ride. You may enjoy the casual zip down the road, or you may be hopping rocks, but no matter what you’re going to want a comfortable cushion for your backside.

Riding should be a lot of things: good exercise, invigorating, mind-cleansing, soul-freeing--but it shouldn’t be a pain in the butt; literally. You want a seat that is made not just for a rider, but for a woman.

Serfas delivers superior comfort for those long days on the bike with their Dual Density saddle. The base absorbs shock while the top layer uses Silk-Tech Lycra to conform to your shape giving you frictionless comfort. The anatomic dip relieves pressure from sensitive areas, too.

That shock absorption is a lifesaver--you don’t want to be feeling every rock and root as you careen over a mountain path. And the frictionless comfort is very welcome when you’re on that long road race and where things normally would begin to chafe and burn. Every time you’re in the saddle, every time that you’re bouncing on the mountain, every time that you’re screaming down the highway, you’ll be glad that you went with a Serfas Dual Density Women’s Saddle.


  • Women’s Specific Design
  • Dual Density® Base
  • Patented I.C.S.® System
  • eep Groove™ Design
  • Rails: Steel
  • Cover Material: Silk-Tech Lycra


  • Length: 254mm
  • Width: 182mm
  • Weight: 522 Grams


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