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Serfas Dual Density Men's Bike Seat

Dual Density Men's Bike Seat

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Serfas has earned its reputation in the industry through twenty years of making some of the very best saddles on the market - twenty years of faithful customers who trust their ride to Serfas.

When it comes to riding, there is little more important than the contact that you come into with your bike, whether that be the grips or the saddle, and whether you’re a beginner who is just getting accustomed to riding, or a seasoned veteran who spends hours on the trail each day, you can agree--there are some places where you just don’t want pain. (They say ‘no pain, no gain’, but does that apply to your undercarriage?)

Serfas delivers superior comfort for those long days on the bike with their Dual Density saddle. The base absorbs shock while the top layer uses Silk-Tech Lycra to conform to your shape giving you frictionless comfort. The anatomic dip relieves pressure from sensitive areas, too.

That shock absorption is a lifesaver--you don’t want to be feeling every rock and root as you careen over a mountain path. And the frictionless comfort be very welcome when you’re on that long road race and things begin to chafe and burn. Every time you’re in the saddle, every time that you’re bouncing on the mountain, every time that you’re screaming down the highway, you’ll be glad that you went with a Serfas Dual Density Men’s Saddle.


  • Dual Density Base
  • Patented ICS Comfort System
  • Steel Rails, Weighs 565 grams
  • Soft Lycra Cover
  • Reinforced Rear Bumper
  • 90 Day Comfort Guarantee
  • 279mm X 171mm


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