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Santa Cruz Reserve 37 Carbon DT350 XD 27.5" Wheelset

Reserve 37 Carbon DT350 XD 27.5" Wheelset

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Whether it's a sunset lap with friends or a race run against the clock, a broken wheel ruins any ride. Santa Cruz set strength and impact resistance as their highest priority, but strength doesn't have to mean uncomfortably stiff. Their wheels are compliant enough to avoid that harsh "wooden" ride that gives some carbon rims a bad name offroad. They only make offroad bikes at Santa Cruz, so they have the privilege of being able to focus purely on the mountain bike experience. Everything from the thickness of rim beads to external spoke hole reinforcements comes purely from our experience of knowing what riders need at every level—from international racing to your local trails.

This information in hand, Santa Cruz set about determining how they might design a rim to mitigate those failures, and part of the result is the square-shaped reinforcements you can see around the spoke holes. They made plates of different carbon spoke hole designs in our carbon lab in Santa Cruz, developed a test that mimics the sudden increase in pulling force associated with an impact, and spent a few months breaking bits of carbon, spokes, and nipples until we got to the point that they were breaking all spokes and nipples and no carbon.



Reserve 37

Wheel Size


Internal Width


External Width




Asym Offset


Spoke Count


Recc. Tire Width

2.5 - 3in

Front End Caps Options

Torque & Standard

Driver Body Options

XD or HG

Single Rim Weight


Complete Set Weights

(inc rim tape & valves)

DT350 Boost: 1740g

I9 Boost: 1720g

Material Where You Need It

Santa Cruz is far from the first company to reinforce high-stress areas with more material, but they're visible to ensure that the spoke hole drilling matches the reinforcement. Super-precise placement of these reinforcements allows us to use only the amount of material necessary to achieve the strength required, rather than reinforcing the entire rim. We then invest that extra material into the other common failure point of a rim—the bead.

The rim beads on the Reserve wheels are thick, relative to other rims on the market. As much as a millimeter thicker on either side, in some cases. The material theysaved by optimizing the placement of the spoke hole reinforcements went directly into the bead, making it extremely strong without adding weight to the overall construction. The beads are hookless: this makes for a better fit with modern tires, but also simplifies manufacturing, which results in more consistent carbon compaction—the technical way to say stronger rim.


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