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Michelin 26" Presta Valve Bike Tube 40mm - 26" x 1.6-2.1"

Michelin 26" Presta Valve Bike Tube 40mm - 26" x 1.6-2.1"

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The 26" Presta Valve Bike Tube 40mm - 26" x 1.6-2.1" AirStop, a superior choice for cyclists seeking optimal performance and durability. Crafted with a .9mm thick butyl construction, this tube guarantees reliable performance in all cycling applications. The specialized tread compound is formulated to deliver high mileage, ensuring that you can ride for extended distances without worrying about wear and tear.

The Michelin Airstop Tube is designed to hold air better than standard tubes, minimizing the need for frequent reinflation. Its butyl composition also provides increased resistance to punctures, giving you peace of mind during your rides. The tube's 26-inch size is perfect for mountain bikes, while the ISO diameter of 559 ensures a precise fit.

Equipped with a standard Presta valve, this tube offers easy inflation and deflation. The valve core is fixed, further enhancing the tube's reliability. With a valve length of 40mm, it accommodates a variety of rim depths.

Measuring only 0.9mm in wall thickness, this tube strikes a balance between lightweight design and durability. It weighs just 194 grams, contributing to an overall lighter bike setup and improved performance.

Choose the 26" Presta Valve Bike Tube 40mm - 26" x 1.6-2.1" AirStop for its exceptional butyl construction, superior air retention, puncture resistance, and long-lasting performance. 


  • Tube Style Standard Presta Valve
  • Tube Material Type Butyl
  • Tube Size 26inch
  • ISO Diameter
  • 559 / 26" MTN
  • Labeled Size 26 x 1.6 - 2.1
  • Shaft Type: Threaded
  • Tube Compound: Butyl
  • Valve Presta 40mm
  • Valve Core: Fixed
  • Wall Thickness 0.9mm
  • Weight 194


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