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Giant Compel MIPS Bike Helmet - Black

Compel MIPS Bike Helmet - Black

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Bicycle Warehouse is proud to offer this Compel MIPS Bike Helmet - Black. Features include:

  • Designed with fit and function in mind to create a value-oriented helmet packed with features
  • TransTextura Plus™ antimicrobial padding helps fight bacteria growth by pulling sweat from a rider’s head and transferring it through the AirFlow exhaust ports
  • Low and high speed impact-tuned construction with optimized low-density EPS, and an ultra-thin toughened polycarbonate shell
  • New Cinch ONE™ fit system offers optimal coverage by cradling the occipital bone for full protection, support and comfort and an easy dial function
  • Removable visor

This mountain bicycle helmet offers an all-new design with improved fit and MIPS protection gives cyclists of all ages and experience a reason to ride.

The Giant Compel MIPS Helmet is no ordinary off-the-rack mountain bike helmet. Sure, it’s got a sleek design, and it’s a great value, but there’s more to this downhill bike helmet than just the basics. This helmet is packed with features to bring you to new heights in your riding game.

  • It features TransTextura Plus, antimicrobial padding that helps fight bacteria growth. If you’ve ever ridden for more than a few minutes and felt sweat pouring out of your head, you’ll know that your enduro mountain bike helmet is a petri dish for bacteria, including smells, discoloration, and all the things that you don’t want to strap to your head every morning when you’re trying to feel refreshed. You shouldn’t need a shower just by putting your mountain bicycle helmet on, so why not kill the microbes on contact?

The Giant Compel helmet also features the all new Cinch ONE™ fit system, which offers optimal coverage and support with the ease of a simple dial function to find the perfect fit. Cinch ONE takes the guesswork out of fitting your downhill bike helmet snugly to your head, cradling the skull and brain gently in a cocoon of safety without needing to yank on straps and wonder if you’ve got it tight enough. Choose this best mountain bike helmet offered by Bicycle Warehouse today!

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