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Look Keo 2 Max Road Pedal

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Look Keo 2 Max Grey is very light and reliable at only 130 grams per pedal. This has been achieved through the use of a carbon injection process allowing for weight reduction and improved durability. The KEO Max graphite increases efficiency and comfort, with a 12 percent increased contact surface area and steel wear plate. Particular attention was focused on reliability and provided through features such as: a stainless steel cleat contact area, an oversized axle with dual seals, making this a pedal built to last. The new line of Keo 2 MAX pedals maintains a low cleat contact height even with the use of a steel oversize axle. The pedal is built with two miniature ball bearings (12mm inner x 18mm outer diameters) and a needle roller bearing. LOOK axles are only approved once they have survived a million cycles at 100 revolutions per minute with a 90kg (198lbs) load at the centre of the pedal and an eccentric rotation (replicating a bump each revolution). This test largely surpasses current standards. Dual seals help to increase bearing longevity.


  • Composite body
  • Steel Axle
  • Large contact area
  • Cleats included
  • 125g/ pedal
  • 9-15Nm

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