Shimano SM-SH40 SPD Bike Cleat Pontoon Set

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Use the Shimano SH40 SPD Cleat Platoon to adapt SPD cleats to the smooth outsoles of road shoes. The Pontoon Adapters recess the SPD cleats, allowing stable off-the-bike mobility.


  • Recesses SPD cleat, providing a durable non-slip surface for walking in spin class or cyclo-touring
  • Durable, non-slip PU coating on pontoon
  • Set includes 2 adaptor plates and 6 long cleat mount bolts
  • Not compatible with Look 3-hole pattern sole
  • Designed to fit the following Shimano road shoes; SH-R107/ R088/ R087/ R086/ R078/ R077/ R076/ R063/ RW80/ TR31/ WR41/WR40/ WR31

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