Warehouse Inventory Team Member

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Position - Warehouse Inventory Team Member

Function - Warehouse Inventory Processing

Openings: we have one position available in our main warehouse located in El Cajon, CA

What's great about this job

  • You will serve on a team and directly support the frontline team whose job is to spread the mission of Bicycle Warehouse - inspiring our Guests passion to ride so they enjoy more freedom, fitness and fun
  • You will have the ultra important job of supporting the entire company's inventory needs.
  • You will coordinate and process all incoming and outgoing inventory needs for our stores and ecommerce.

What the job entails

  • process all incoming purchase orders for bikes and gear for regular stock and special orders
  • organize and tag all incoming shipments
  • process all incoming special orders for stores and service center
  • process daily stock pulls for all stores and coordinate delivery of items
  • process all inventory transfers between stores for regular stock and special order
  • coordinate all bike building with service center and coordinate delivery
  • coordinate delivery of all incoming store service bikes to the service center and delivery back to the stores
  • process all web order pulls and incoming web orders to satisfy orders
  • box and ship all outgoing web orders
  • coordinate all internal deliveries with driver along with drive deliveries to stores on occasion
  • work as a team with Inventory Buyer/Manager to achieve 100% fulfillment for store needs and web orders

What results to expect

  • All stores will be replenished with correct stocking levels allowing us to turn our inventory a minimum of 4 times per year
  • All web orders will be processed and delivered daily
  • All internal deliveries will be made fast and efficient
  • Our inventory levels will be minimized through constant replenishing

What you get

  • Base pay - $15.00 per hour
  • Team Bonus - When the web hits their monthly goal you will receive a $250 bonus for processing all web orders. 
  • Paid Time Off - each year you get 5 days of earned sick leave along with extra vacation days (1-2 years earns 1 day, 3-9 years earn 7 days and 10+ years earns 13 days)
  • Commuter pay - ride your bike to work and earn up to an extra $100 per month based on $.25 per mile ridden.
  • Volunteer pay - earn up to $150 of pay per month for volunteering
  • Team Member Referrals - earn up to $2,000 per year for referring Rock Stars to the team ($500 per person)
  • Purchase Discounts - be able to purchase your cycling product at great discounts. Cost + 10% on most product.
  • Health Insurance - 50% paid by Bicycle warehouse
  • ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) - basically it's a profit sharing program that allows the company to share a percentage of the profits with the vested team members.
(note - additional qualifying details exist for all of the above items)

    What else do you need

    • The ability to stay focused while dealing with the many moving elements in the warehouse environment 
    • The ability to work fast processing inventory all day long with great accuracy
    • The ability to lift bicycles and generally 40 lbs onto display racks above your head
    • The ability to stand on your feet for 8 hours a day on concrete floors
    • The ability to work a flexible schedule including weekends and evenings until 7:00pm

    What's next?

    • If you are just looking for a job, please do not apply. Sorry to be so blunt but it will save us both a bunch of time and effort if we part ways now versus learning it won't work out shortly down the road.
    • If you are looking for career oriented employment and it all sounds like a great fit for you, then we are excited to have you apply by answering the questions below 😀🚴✅